Apps to Fulfill Your 2013 Resolutions

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Make 2013 the year New Year resolutions make it to the finishing line.

With Christmas behind us, we start our catalogue of New Year resolutions. The advent of 2013, revives the motivation to strive for a healthier and happier self. Technology offers some tools to help us reach these goals:


  • LiveHappy: Create a gratitude journal, set goals, and envisions your best possible self.


  • DietBet: After setting a minimum bet and a deadline, participants aim to lose weight for 4 weeks. Those who lose 4% by the due date split the pot.
  • Fooducate: This app serves as a personal food advisor. It helps grocery shoppers scan food items and get key facts about their healthy (or unhealthy) characteristics, along with healthy alternatives.  (Source:
  • Wunderlist: Make lists, invite collaborators, set up reminders and detailed subtasks, and get things done.
  • Weave: Stay organized and in control by tracking the progress of important projects, hobbies, trips.


  • Mint: Organize and categorize spending into different categories, set savings goals and budgets, and track investments.

Just for Fun

 Share your resolutions for the New Year in the comments below.

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