FOMO: Addicted to the New & Improved

Posted by: on Jan 8, 2013 | No Comments

What do you give the person who has it all? You give them the slightly thinner, faster, newer version of all.

Gifts are meant to be tokens of appreciation, expressions of love, and purveyors of joy. Technological advances in recent years seem to be gradually giving gifts a more commercial spin. The lightning speed at which new products are brought to market has transformed many presents into a manifestation of FOMO: “fear of missing out.”

Although there is an innate appeal to opening a box with a shiny new tech bauble, how can we ever satisfy this abysmal appetite for new and improved versions of products?

Perhaps the answer is in finding our way back to intangible rewards. A quiet afternoon in the sunlight, watching kids play in the park, coffee with good friends, an exciting sports match are all ways of connecting with others and finding satisfaction without consuming a new gadget.

Until we can wean ourselves off our technological obsession with all things new and newer (or cut back), we can protect our favorite tech toys with great accessories.

What’s a low-tech activity that you wish you could enjoy more often? Share with us in the comments below.

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